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Parent's Meeting? 

Here is all the paperwork you'll need to fill out and hand in BEFORE your dancer auditions on Thursday. 

General Contract

Attendance Procedure

Attire Requirements

Year at a Glance

Fees Contract

Registration Form

Debit/Credit Form

FAQs about TDS Auditions! 

  • Each dancer is placed on a team, no matter what. TDS auditions are to help find the best spot for each dancer so that their progression and success is consistent throughout the entire competition season.
  • TDS has a firm no tolerance policy for negativity throughout auditions. Each dancer will be treated with respect throughout the audition by their instructors, fellow dancers, their parents, and the parents of fellow dancers. Everyone must do their part to make others feel comfortable and accepted; we appreciate your cooperation in advance!
  • The parents meeting is MANDATORY for anyone planning to attend auditions/acquire a position on the 2019-2020 competition team. The information discussed will include; details on the audition workshops, dress code for auditions, special instructions for audition day, explanation of results meeting/fitting, and expectations for the 2019-2020 season (including but not limited to; expected fees, time commitment, schedule, competition/convention schedule, solo/duo/trio information, gear requirements, etc.)
  • If you need to miss any part of the audition week- please contact McKenzie (801-310-6103) immediately, so that we can make arrangements. Missing audition week will not negatively affect your audition. However, you must make arrangements prior to the first day of audition week. Your placement may be delayed and group auditions may be required before placement is made.
  • There is a $30 audition fee per dancer.

Audition Week 2019

July 15th-July 22nd 

THANK YOU for showing interest in becoming a member of our 2019-2020 competition team! Scroll for a detailed schedule for the week!

You can CLICK HERE to view some important details about being on a competition team. Scroll to view some frequently asked questions about TDS auditions. Message us for current class info to get you ready for auditions!