Competition Dancers will be required to take the following classes:

Optional Classes for Competition Dancers:
Hip Hop
Additional Ballet

Additional Technique


COMPANY Additional Requirements:
Additional Routine(s)
Additional Acro and Flexibility
Additional Ballet 



Dancers will be expected to purchase and wear the following attire: 

Practice Attire: 1 practice top to be worn during routine rehearsals. 

Ballet Attire: ballet leotard of your choice, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. 

Travel Attire: 1 travel jacket must be purchased to be worn during awards  ceremonies, to and from performances/competitions, and in between performances. 

Stage Attire: team costume, fulfilled hair and make-up requirements, tights (if required for particular costume) and shoes specific to the routine. 


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Competition Team 

CLICK HERE to view our most recent fees contract. **Please note: fees are subject to change at the start of each competition season. 

Competition team is for those dancers ready to take their training to the next level. Competition team dancers will attend class 2-3 times a week, study a variety of genres, compete locally, attend critically acclaimed conventions, and attend in-studio master classes.  

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We'd love to meet with you in person and answer any questions that you have in order to find out whether a competition team is right for you! 

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Your dancer will be required to attend 3 local (Utah or South Salt Lake County) competitions all scheduled between March and May. Competitions are held on Saturdays and are usually a large majority of the day. 

We will attend 1 St. George Competition scheduled between March and May. 

In addition to competitions, you will be required to attend 1 convention. You will have 2 options to choose from. These conventions are held in Utah County and are held on a Friday or Saturday in January or February.