"I cannot say enough good things about The Dance Spot. My daughter has danced with them for 3 years now and she has LOVED it. I have seen her improve dance wise and confidence wise with each year.  McKenzie is so organized at getting information out to parents. She’s quick to email back with any questions or concerns.  She has an amazing staff that cares about the students. They do a great job at making sure the dancers feel important and do a lot of team building activities so the dancers get to know each other. We love The Dance Spot and are excited for many more years to come."

"My daughter has been dancing at the studio for the past 8 years. We truly love everything this studio stands for. From amazing teachers who want the very best for your dancer in dance as a person and in life.  I love that the studio strives on making these girls be the best they can be. They not only teach amazing dance skills but also confidence and self worth, what friendship really means, how to serve those around you and the joys of being a team. We are thankful for all the teachers and the amazing talents they bring to each class. We love The Dance Spot!"

"All 3 of my girls have or are still dancing at TDS.  They have all LOVED it.  The environment has always been a place where they are uplifted and inspired to do their best.  It is a family for all of them and they build friendships that last.  The staff are amazing and truly love and care for each girl at the studio.   My girls love coming each week to their 2nd home."

"The Dance Spot is more than just another dance studio. It is a family atmosphere where girls are loved and cared for and encouraged to succeed in all areas of their life.  The teachers at The Dance Spot have high expectations for their students and they provide them with a high level of support and instruction to help them meet those expectations. I have loved having my daughters dance at the dance spot!  They have learned great dance technique, darling dances, and also how to be good people."

"The Dance Spot is a studio where you not only learn exceptional core dance lessons but also life lessons you will use the rest of your life. The instructors there have true coaching abilities to build self esteem and confidence to truly make your child a better dancer and person. I highly recommend this studio no matter the dance level your child is at. They attend to all levels and desires and place them accurately."

"The Dance Spot is awesome and super, duper, fun! I feel challenged and have made tons of friends! The teachers are great, super nice, and help us enjoy learning every day! I tell my parents that I could live here!"

"The dance spot is the best place around. Every girl there thinks she is the favorite. They teach the girls how to  be great dancers and also to be good team mates and good people. My daughter has been dancing there for 6 years and would never consider dancing anywhere else."

"The Dance Spot has helped me so much to improve on my turns, leaps, kicks, tricks and ballet! They have helped me to learn that hard work pays off and practice can help me to reach the goals that I want to as a dancer. The Dance Spot has made me realize that competitions aren’t all about winning, it’s about improving, being the best I can be and having fun at the studio while I do that. I have made amazing friends that have helped me do better on my technique too!! I really appreciate the Dance Spot too because I have danced for different studios and what I have learned here is a lot more than dances…. I love how the teachers take time to look at each and every one of us and give us tips to make our skills and technique better. I can tell that they really care about us individually and want us to feel good about ourselves as
we attain our goals. I love how the teachers go around to each class giving support to us to develop our dance talents and work with us on the dance itself. I am so happy to be at the Dance Spot and look forward to everything in my future dancing and learning here!"

"My daughter has danced at The Dance Spot for 8yrs and has absolutely loved it. She loves all of her teachers so much and they are all amazing with her. I love that I can drop her off at the studio and know that she is in great hands."

"We have loved having our girls dance at The Dance Spot!!  A great studio that teaches great dance technique but also teaches value, integrity, and self confidence!!  This is a place that my girls have made their most cherished friends."


"My daughter switched studios 3 years ago and as usual it's a scary change. We are so glad we did the move! She has grown in to a confident dancer in so many levels. The other girls all see each other as family and push and guide one another. The owner and the rest of the teachers are not only amazing but loving and have become mentors for my daughter. The Dance Spot has been an incredible foundation for my daughters growth in dance, personality and spirit. We ❤️ you TDS! "